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The Story of Change

This is the Story of Change.

When we show up, tell our stories, and speak the truth, it changes everything.


Do you have a powerful life story that's been locked away inside of you?

The Story of Change is a book about how telling your truth changes everything.

We can see this in the #MeToo Movement. When women started telling their stories, they broke free of shame.

They found each other.

They interrupted the structures of power that were making abuse and marginalization possible.

It fundamentally changed business as usual.

I believe that #MeToo has had a major impact on our culture...and that’s because of the power of our stories.

That’s what can happen in our world when we collectively tell our stories.

It’s also what can happen in your life, personally.

And that’s what this book is about.

The Story of Change contains stories (of course!); it also contain tools, strategies and how-to's for lifting your voice, telling your story -- and of course, how to get free from the old oppressive stories in our heads.

We’re going to change everything.

Here's what I want you to know about your story:

Crafting and sharing your story will create healing for you and for others.

Even when you don't consider yourself to be a writer or an artist.

This isn't about creating drafts. This is about creating change.

If you're here, and feeling called to make change by telling your story, it's ok that if you don't know quite where to start, what to say, or how to say it.

It's totally understandable to worry about how speaking your truth might affect your relationships, your job, your life.

Of course the idea of making yourself vulnerable can feel overwhelming and scary.

But in order for something to change, and to create healing, we have to do something different.

And usually, that means breaking the silence.

And writing a new ending.

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I know because I have been there.

Telling my story changed the trajectory of my entire life.

When I started speaking my truth, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone.

I started witnessing the space it helped to create for others. 

So I started doing it more and more.

It became not just a personal reclamation, but a political mission.

For over fifteen years, I have been sharing my story and vision for change with a variety of audiences, and I've had the honor of supporting my peers to do the same.

I've seen personal healing.

I've seen norms shift.

I've seen our culture start to change.

Not from my story alone, but from more and more of us sharing our stories.

Our individual stories matter - and together, we are an unstoppable collective force for healing and change.

This is the story of change.

And that's what my work, and this book, is all about.

The Story of Change is about how you can create change and healing in your own life and what happens when you do.

It's a how-to collection of stories from people who've rewritten their experience and reclaimed their power - including my own stories, based on my lived experience as a speaker, performer, survivor, and truth-telling mentor.

Together, we're raising consciousness and speaking truth out in the world.

This changes everything - for us, and in our culture.

I want this for you, too.


In The Story of Change, you will:

  • Learn “story skills,” fundamental life skills for expressing yourself and creating connection. Because when you reach out with story and self-expression, you invite people into truthful relationship with you. There’s healing there.

  • Examine the inner stories we carry and understand their cultural significance. Knowing that we’ve been conditioned to believe certain stories that harm you but benefit others emboldens you to say no and get free of them.

  • Gain clarity on the “why:” the vision and purpose that will guide your truth-telling. When you know what you need, what you want to create for yourself and for others, you’ll feel deeply empowered,purposeful. Knowing your why makes you unstoppable.

  • Make informed choices about when, where, how, and with whom to share your story. Not everyone deserves your vulnerability or can be trusted with it. Knowing how to discern and set boundaries is one of the ways you start keeping yourself safe and rewriting your future so that it doesn’t become a repeat of the past.

  • Curate the life stories that will move hearts and minds, inspiring change. Your life is rich. There’s so much you’ve experienced and already know. The wisdom in your stories can help guide others. This is how we start altering the story of our culture: by moving our personal stories out into the world.

  • Explore mind-body and energetic skills to stay afloat as you speak your truth. You don’t have endure more pain. That’s not resilience. Resilience means being able to sustain the work, taking care of yourself, asking for support. It’s important to have tools in place that help nourish you because yes, you do have to move through fear and vulnerability when you tell your story. Let’s not pretend that away. Let’s make sure that you’re supported and resourced enough to do what you need to do to create new stories and make change.

I know from my own life, and my professional experience as an advocate, mentor, and supporter, that our stories are the spark that ignites much-needed fires of change, in our lives and in the world.

It’s my deepest hope that The Story of Change will provide you with the knowledge, nourishment, and support you need to liberate the stories you were born to tell.

I want everything to change for you.

That’s why I wrote this book.

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