A dynamic, transformative, and thought-provoking speaker and storyteller

I believe that the primary job of a speaker is to inspire a shift in consciousness in their audiences.

I believe that speakers should leave their audiences not just better-informed about a subject, but inspired and motivated to make change in their workplaces and communities.

I believe that the best public speaking takes the shape of a flow of connection between the speaker and the audience.

I believe in creating interactive presentations that bring forth the considerable experience and expertise in the audience, not just my own.

In 2002, I first told my story of trauma and resilience to a live audience. That day changed everything for me.

Never in a million years did I imagine my entire life’s work would be center on telling my story to create healing for others, but that’s exactly what happened.

"Leah shares a message that many miss when reviewing how to move forward in our treatment of mental health care, and that is the social justice aspect. She Incorporates the importance of storytelling, and provides tangible ways for individuals to make change. Leah approaches the topic of mental health through trauma and its deleterious effects. This approach is relatable to many because trauma is something we have all experienced."

-Liz T., student organizer, Gustavus Agustus University

Since then, I have dedicated myself and my career to study and healing of trauma.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of speaking to audiences across the country -- to nonprofits, suicide prevention coalitions, mental health agencies, juvenile facilities, the Federal government, K-12 and higher education.

My speaking journey has taken me all the way to the White House, where I spoke in September 2016 at a suicide prevention summit.

No matter how big or small the event, my favorite part about being a public speaker is when audience members come up to me and entrust me with their own stories, challenges, and dreams.

My speeches combine leading-edge science to feed the mind, with stories that reach the heart.

Topics I am available to speak on include:

  • Trauma-informed approaches across all service systems

  • The value of first person narratives in suicide prevention

  • Trauma-informed suicide prevention strategies

  • Historical and intergenerational trauma

  • Neurophysiology of trauma and resilience

  • Mind-body skills for healing trauma

  • Creative expression as a vehicle for liberation

  • Storytelling as a catalyst for personal development and social change

    I don’t recite a schtick.

    I do not give off-the-shelf speeches, delivered the same way every time.

    I always customize my talks to best suit the needs of the audience I am speaking to.

    So you’ll never hear the same talk from me twice.

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"Leah combines breadth and depth of knowledge on trauma with powerful storytelling."

-Timothy Kelly
University of Iowa Instructor, Trauma Across the Lifespan