Please note:

Due to the process of book-birthing, I am currently on hiatus from 1:1 work in 2019.


 I am a Transformation Mentor.

What does that mean?

It means I know that your life and your story are still yours to shape.

You don't have to be what they think you are.

And all the things that have happened to hurt you, all the things that have been in your way....they're real.

And they're not your future.

I want to help you write a new, healing story for yourself AND LIVE IT.

That's our transformation work together.

Let's write you a new story.

I have integrative approach to well-being.

I believe that to create personal life change - a new story for ourselves! - we sometimes need to do some internal work to heal our trauma. 

I believe we also need to learn mind-body-based practices to soothe our central nervous systems.

And I believe that we can lift our voices and tell our stories publicly to create cultural change.

In other words: mind, body, society.

That means my professional approach encompasses more than traditional “coaching.”

I offer different kinds of support, depending on what's moving for you. 

You can choose to: 

  • Learn the skills you need to tell your story publicly, verbally or in writing, to create change.

  • Receive coaching and support to develop the internal capacity to rewrite your personal life experience to change your future.

  • Experience body-based healing and trauma release.

In addition to my coaching training and experience, I also specialize in trauma awareness.

I'm a nationally recognized trainer for National Center for Trauma-Informed Care; a Life Stories Institute certified facilitator; certified as an "Artist of the Spirit" life coach; a certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises facilitator; and I'm a teaching artist in-training with Story District in Washington, DC.

"You are amazing at seeing what needs to be said! You are just the kick I needed to tell the stories I thought I could never tell- thank you Leah! I feel taller, somehow."

Stefanie S, Washington DC

I bring my mind-body, creative, and trauma awareness skills to our coaching together so that we can help you develop your own capacity for resilience and change.

It's not just theoretical to me. I have lived it.

I've rewritten my own story--which means I consciously, deliberately work to identify and release limiting beliefs I absorbed from the patriarchy about who I was and what I was capable of.

Through mind-body awareness and creative practice, I stopped "living from the neck up" and learned how to re-connect my body, mind, heart and spirit.

I've also practiced managing myself energetically.


"Leah Harris is both a powerful story-teller and an incredible teacher. Not everyone can translate what they've learned about trauma into movement, messaging, and action. Leah's story-telling approach is personal in that she gets to know the core of someone's story, provides a safety net for them to dive deep into difficult topics, shares strength-based feedback, and partners with them to craft dynamic messages into their narratives. Because of our work together, I have felt confident in telling my story in The S Word documentary, spoken confidently with reporters, and presented to State Legislators about suicide prevention. For anyone interested in feeling stronger in their story telling, Leah Harris is a powerful advocate to have on your side."

-Kelechi Ubozoh- Mental Health Advocate,
Senior Program Associate, Oakland California

Using simple strategies to ground myself, stay centered, and clear accumulated or stuck emotions and energies has assisted me to move through my life with a greater sense of purpose and freedom.

I feel less controlled by my internal chaos and am better to listen to, trust, and follow my internal compass in life, work, and relationships.

As a result, my stories and my circumstances are no longer driving me. I'm driving the car. We're going where I want to go. 

I have re-written my story, and that changed everything.

And that's what I want for you. 

I offer individualized sessions and packages so you can stop running the old scripts and rewrite your story.

Because when you do, you start living your most fulfilling, purposeful life in a world that needs your medicine.

Contact me for a 30 minute video or phone call so we can discuss what kind of support you are needing and how I can best support you on your journey.

Can't wait to talk to you!